My Vision for District10

Together we can achieve...

My Vision for District10

Beautiful Neighborhoods and a Healthy Environment

Together we can build a more thriving and livable District 10! It is time to make our dreams of clean streets, community gardens, and more parks a reality. Our district needs lively and accessible street corridors that can promote thriving businesses and a strong sense of community.


In order to protect our health and to combat climate change, we must move Los Angeles to 100% renewable energy and put an end to dangerous oil and gas drilling operations in our neighborhoods. We will bring clean energy jobs and investments to the District, keep energy costs affordable, and protect our families' health by reducing pollution.

Real Affordable Housing & Homeless Services

We need responsible housing development that is affordable and doesn't displace seniors, families, and low-income residents in District 10. The reality is that unchecked luxury development and high rents are causing severe displacement. The City must work to create more affordable and fair housing opportunities that allow families and long-term residents the ability to stay in the community we love. We must find ways to protect and stop the loss of our rent-controlled housing, including section 8 housing that many of our neighbors depend upon.

Our homeless community members should be sheltered first and have the services they need to find a way off the streets. We must streamline wrap-around services they need to find a way off the streets.

Make The City Work For Us, Not Against Us

As a former commissioner at the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power, I learned first hand of the immense frustration people feel when city services fail them. Too often neighbors, small business owners, students, and the community at large feel that City services are substandard. Whether it is getting a permit to remodel your home, disputing a faulty bill, getting your business inspected, or simply making your voice heard on a new city ordinance, the current speed and accessibility of services are unacceptable.  


Why does our district have so many dilapidated sidewalks, streets with potholes, and streets without good lighting and signage? Why is there still so much illegal dumping in our neighborhood? We need a Council Member that is going to fight for resources for our neighborhoods and for City services that are responsive and easy to use.


The City must have a strong partnership with public agencies to promote public safety, education, better public transportation, and local economic development. That’s why I support tuition-free community college for our residents and a public bank that can inject investments back into our neighborhoods. District 10 should be an innovation hub where small businesses thrive and residents have the opportunity for a prosperous future.


Finally, in a District where diversity is our greatest strength, we need to work together to build more Neighborhood Watch programs and ensure the police protect us with respect and dignity.





  1. Move Los Angeles to 100% renewable energy and bring clean energy jobs and investments to our city while keeping energy costs affordable.

  2. Protect our families' health by ending neighborhood oil drilling and supporting policies to reduce pollution. Ensure that residents who suffer from poor air quality reap the benefits of clean energy investments first.

  3. Improve our streets and sidewalks, clean up our alleys, and add more community gardens and open spaces

  4. Create more fair and affordable housing opportunities that don’t displace seniors and low-income residents and allow families and long-term residents the ability to stay in the community we love

  5. Work to provide housing for the homeless community and the wrap-around services they need to find a way off the streets.

  6. Ensure police treat all residents with respect and dignity. Increase neighborhood watch programs and violence prevention initiatives.  

  7. Ensure that there are good-paying jobs for residents and that small businesses are supported.

  8. Support our local schools, teachers and after-school programs.

  9. Protecting our immigrant and refugee community by doing everything in our city’s power to keep families together, defend DREAMERS, and advocate for comprehensive immigration reform that includes a pathway to citizenship.

  10. Make city services more responsive to residents. We’re paying for everyday city services so let’s get them to work for us! I will tackle wasteful spending and systemic problems so that our agencies can work to better serve our community.


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